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What Does Fentanyl Look Like?

Fentanyl is a prescription synthetic opioid that is used for severe pain management and is available in several forms, including pills, tablets, lozenges, sprays, patches and powders. The appearance of fentanyl can vary depending on the specific form of the drug.

Fentanyl tablets are small, round and come in various colors, they may be white, yellow, blue, green or pink. The term “Rainbow Fentanyl” has been coined for pills that have been illegally laced with fentanyl and accidentally taken by kids and teenagers due to their harmless appearance. Legal fentanyl is usually stamped with a specific identification number or symbol, which can vary depending on the manufacturer. Legal fentanyl lozenges are small, disc-shaped tablets that dissolve in the mouth, usually white in color.

Legal fentanyl sprays are also known as nasal sprays, which comes in a small glass bottle, with a nozzle for nasal administration. The nasal spray solution is usually clear and colorless. The legal transdermal patch, also known as a fentanyl patch, is a medicated adhesive patch that is applied to the skin to deliver a steady dose of the drug over a period of time by a transdermal method. The patches are usually rectangular and come in various sizes, they are usually beige, tan or white color. Illegal fentanyl has been seized in white powder form as well.

It’s important to note that illegal Fentanyl is often produced in an unregulated environment and therefore may not look like the regulated forms of the drug. This illegal Fentanyl can come in various forms such as powders, tablets, pills and even mixed with other drugs. It can be difficult to identify and may not have any markings on them, so it’s important to be aware that Fentanyl can come in many forms and not just the FDA approved forms.

If you suspect something is fentanyl, immediately call emergency personnel to neutralize the situation.