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How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System?

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is metabolized and eliminated from the body relatively quickly at medically prescribed doses. The exact amount of time that it stays in the human body/system can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s metabolism, dosage, and frequency of use.

Regardless of the above factors, fentanyl can typically be detected in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours after use. It can also typically be detected in urine for up to three days and in hair for up to 90 days after use. However, it should be noted that these are general estimates and that the detection window can vary depending on the individual and the type of drug test used.

Additionally, factors such as an individual’s body weight, the level of hydration, and the pH of their urine can also affect the detection window of fentanyl in the body. Chronic use of Fentanyl may result in the drug remaining in the body for a longer period of time, as it may accumulate in fatty tissue.

It is important to note that if you are being tested for fentanyl, it is important to inform the tester of any medications or illegal drugs that you have taken, as this could affect the accuracy of the test results. Additionally, if you are using fentanyl as prescribed by a doctor, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider and to dispose of any unused medication properly to prevent accidental exposure.

Naloxone HCl products are potential lifesaving medications designed to help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in minutes. If you or someone you’re in contact with believes they have accidentally overdosed on fentanyl, call for emergency help immediately.